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WMTGC is committed to developing a non-motorized, connected trail system. A system that links urban and rural communities, protects habitats and natural areas, and provides active and alternative transportation options linking people with services and attractions throughout West Michigan. It counsels trail groups looking to build or expand trails, works with public and private partners to develop plans for regional trail development and the funding to support it, and collaborates with community organizations to ensure trails best serve the people, habitats, and environments they travel through. WMTGC is a catalyst for the strategic development and support of the regional trail system. There are more than 850 miles of West Michigan trails, and WMTGC has played a role in nearly half of those miles. 

As part of WMTGC’s strategic plan, the organization is committed to elevating the West Michigan trail system to best serve the communities that utilize it every day and to attract trail enthusiasts from around the country. We plan to do this by working to connect trails, promote use and access for all, and ensure safe trails by building a unified signage system.

You can support these projects and help us achieve our goals by making a tax-deductible gift.

Here are some ways you can help:

  • Donate easily and securely online here.
  • Mail a gift to: 1345 Monroe Ave NW, Suite 220, Grand Rapids, MI 49505
  • Stocks: Contact John Morrison at 616-485-7805 or director@wmtrails.org for details
  • Be sure to visit us on Facebook and E-mail us at: director@wmtrails.org – Or at, info@wmtrails.org

We look forward to seeing you on the trails!


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