WALKER, Mich. (WZZM) -- The City of Walker needs your help to fix a hazard for pedestrians. A portion of the Fred Meijer Standale Trail is disconnected by Lake Michigan Drive, and the city plans to reconnect it by digging an underground tunnel.

"We clearly hear people say things like, 'can you do something about this hazardous situation?' It's difficult to cross and it's not at an intersection." Mayor Mark Huizenga wants the new year to start with a new effort to fund the plan for an underground tunnel. "It's going to increase the use of the trail and increase the safety.

The tunnel will have a similar design to one in Greenville; including wide entrances, tile walls and electric lights. "There's going to be opportunities for artwork; making it a real showpiece for the entire community."

The project costs $2 million. $1.1 million will be paid by MDOT as long as Walker can pick up the rest of the tab. "We're really trying to kick off 2015 and raise the big money," said Huizenga, "with businesses, they want to give back. This gives them a great way to give back."

With $600,000 left to raise, the mayor believes the city is in good shape to begin construction in early 2016.

Call the City of Walker at (616) 791-6856 or click here to learn more and donate.